Project management

I. Initial planning
  1. Preparation of the project budget;
  2. Preparation of the project schedule;
  3. Preparation of the funding schedule.
II Project design and planning stage:
  1. Supervision and control
  2. Suggestions and recommendations
  3. Evaluation and optimisation
III Tender organisation  stage:
  1. Preparation of the documentation;
  2. Drafting the construction contract;
  3. Selection of the construction contractors/subcontractors;
  4. Negotiations with contractors/subcontractors for the construction;
  5. Signing of the construction contract.
IV Construction stage:
  1. Financial monitoring of the budget to ensure that it is not exceeded;
  2. Control of the schedule;
  3. Control of the quantity of work and consumed materials;
  4. Evaluation of the work;
  5. Acceptance of the work;
  6. Timely completion of the project.